Monday, October 17, 2005

Things I have done

For better or worse, here are some things I have done that I think have had some sort of lasting impact on who I am and how I live my life:

Broke bones
Gave birth, once to a daughter and then once to two sons, at one time
Got married
Loved someone until it caused me physical pain
Allow a boyfriend hit me, more than once
Freed myself from said boyfriend
Traveled to Costa Rica
Traveled to the Bahamas
Traveled to the western U.S. in my Jeep Cherokee with my man and my little girl
Traveled to many other places in the U.S.
Buried my 24 year old cousin
Buried all of my grandparents
Visited Niagra Falls
Stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon
Carried several of these above mentioned coffins to their final resting places
Jumped off the roof of my parents' house with an umbrella, thinking I would fly
Taken LSD....many times
Smoked pot....even more times
Used cocaine...several times
Used heroin...just a few times
Had my heart broken
Crashed a multitude of dirtbikes, go-carts, and bicycles
Graduated from college with a Bachelors degree
Graduated from college with a Masters degree
Paid for all of that college myself
And worked the whole time I was going to school
Climbed many rocks, high into the air, with just a thin rope to save me if I fell
Ran the Peachtree Roadrace in Atlanta, GA
Let my guard down for some people
Decided I was not a Christian
Experienced real failures
Accepted that life comes as it is and I can't control everything


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Sis said...

I thought my husband was the only dumbass to jump off his roof with an umbrella thinking he could fly. Must have been that bitch Mary Poppins who put these crazy thoughts in ya'll heads.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger cackmandu said...

This list is a great idea. I may have to post something like that up on my lame ass blog! Thanks for the view inside the Smoov!

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Tina said...

Interesting list...:)
It must have taken a lot of time and thought to put that together.

You have been through a lot.


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