Monday, January 16, 2006

A done deal

We did it. We passed our motorcyle tests, the written and practical. Kevin did 5 points better than me on the practical, I really suck at doing figure eights in a tiny box! Both of us got 100% on the written part, without cheating.

We had so much fun, I can't even begin to share it! I was sad that there was no way for me to take pictures of the experience, but clearly my hands were busy. I can't wait to get my paperwork in the mail so I can rush to the DMV to get the little "M" put on my license. And then getting a bike.....ahhh what a sweet day that will be! I'm almost there.

Here is the bike we rode during the course:

A small Honda Nighthawk. It weighed a mere 286 pounds. It was a fun bike to learn on. When I got on mine Saturday morning, it had .9 miles on it. We got brand new bikes that had not been riden before. When I turned it in Sunday evening, it had 17.9 miles on it. My first 17 miles of riding. Oh happy day!


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