Thursday, December 08, 2005

The day she turned 10

My girl turned 10 yesterday. A decade ago, my life changed forever. I had no idea what a profound effect that baby girl would have on my life, how could I know? I was 22 and while I had a lot of life experiences by that time, I had zero experience with children. And this girl is everything a mom or dad could need or want. She is perfect in her flaws and her gifts.

Having a birthday on a weekday kind of sucks. I had class last night and I could not skip it, we had a review for our final exam and I had hella work to do on a project. We took Hayden out the night before, along with my parents, for dinner. It was very nice to spend time with mom and dad, and the twins even acted human during the meal. I think they did it as a gift to their sister.

Hayden's real party is this Saturday. I took off from work in order to celebrate with her and her friends. Parties have become all girls in the last few years, she is phasing out the kids that are only acquaintances and inviting the girls she really cares about. Watching her grow up and turn into a pre-teen has been rewarding, exciting, and a little scary too. Of late we are subjected to random emotional outbursts and random acts of kindness. It leaves me feeling like I am on an amusement park ride that isn't working properly. Anyway, the party involves 5 of her closest friends, the undivided attention of both of her parents for the night, a visit to the new aquarium in Atlanta, dinner out in a restaurant downtown, and then a sleepover. All of this sans brothers. We have arranged for my best friend's mom to stay with the boys so that we can be Hayden's for the night. We have been tying to do this since they were born, trying to make her birthday about her with a break from having twin brothers. Because it is hard for a young girl to have young twin brothers, especially if I am her mother.

Happy birthday young lady. You are an amazing person with a whole life ahead of you and a grand assortment of things to offer it. I adore you.


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Tina said...

This is a great post about your daughter. I hope her birthday was so great! I totally understand the amusement park analogy...sometimes it is so fun and thrilling, and sometimes it just makes you sick.


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