Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Question girl revisited

Before I talked about this girl in two of my classes this semester. She asks a lot of questions. And I hate it. But, I shouldn't be so mean. Some people have to ask a lot of questions, right? If they don't get something, even if everyone else in the room does, they need to ask, right?

I had a very surprising conversation with the admissions director of a local private Christian school Monday morning. I cried, she talked to me about God and how He had brought me there, and I cried some more. Not the bad cry, the good cry. It was totally unexpected. I went there to have a tour of the school, we are thinking of sending our kids there. She asked me if I had any questions or pressing concerns. And I unloaded. I asked questions....why why why and what if, but what about, then there is this....kind of stuff. And she just answered them with a gentle smile. I was her Question Girl. And I wondered, was she thinking in the back of her mind what a fucking moron I was? I mean, thousands of people get this God stuff, it is all spelled out right in the Bible afterall. All I have to do is follow the instructions.

So, I tried to be extra helpful to Question Girl last night in class, especially since I could see the professor was getting frustrated with her. Question Girl still annoys me to no end, but I really did try hard to be nice and share my knowledge with her.

It's a step right?


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Tina said...

Yes, it's a nice step.

There is still a huge difference between being a "question girl" in private vs. monopolizing a class.

I wish you the best in both situations....:)

At 2:30 PM, Blogger cackmandu said...

It's a step! I know a woman that kind of had this same kind of thing happen to her. She was whining about her dishwasher and then realized how lucky she was to have a house, dishes to wash, clean water to clean them in.

Wierd how life has a way of making us see our faults through others and incidents.

At 11:41 PM, Blogger Saratov said...

I'm touched by this story and that this woman took a personal interest in you in a way that truly made a connection. It is amazing how life events help us to count all of our many blessings. It is really hard to draw the line between helping people and spoon feeding people. I run into the same challenge on my Oracle implementation project every day with my co-workers who sometimes seem clueless about writing when we're all supposed to be consultant level people. But I do find that kindness and patience pays off in the end and I always feel better once I help them, even though their endless questions can be really frustrating. Baby steps are great.


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