Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Raindrops keep fallin'

I worked this past weekend, 42 hours in three days. It was horrible, we were so busy and then had some major equipment problems on top of that. The "chillers" that keep our cleanrooms cold and OR-like, went down. We had to work in them anyway because we had tissue that was expiring and had to be done. So we worked in rooms at temperatures of 88 degrees and 79% humidity. It was like wearing a fucking parka and walking the streets of Calcutta at noon. We have to wear all of this stuff to cover ourselves when working in the cleanrooms: masks, hats, gowns, gloves.....it was hot I tell you.

And then I got to work all night long, not sleep and handle the kids when they got up. So, at about 8:30am I went down to the basement to turn off a light and heard running water. Hmmmm, we don't have running water in our basement. It was flooding. Water was pouring in around a water pipe that leades outside. Apparently, it had not been properly sealed when the house was built. So there I was, sleep-deprived and having to deal with water pouring into my house. There was already an inch on standing water on the floor and it had run into one of the finished rooms down there, soaking the carpet. I called my husband, panicked and tearful. I was dumping buckets of water every few minutes and getting soaking wet. I lost it. I needed help. So he ended up coming home from work in the next two hours, I called a guy we know who knows what to do in situations like that. The guy came over with a pump and rigged it to pump the water out should it happen again before we get the problem fixed. My husband got up all the water with our carpet cleaner. All is well in the basement today and life goes on.


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Mel said...

What a nightmare!


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