Friday, November 25, 2005

The Thankful Report

Because it is Thanksgiving and it is the American cliche to say what you are thankful for on this day (well, actually yesterday, but I didn't have the mental fortitude to make a list yesterday), I have decided to write a report of sorts, about what I am thankful for, other than the obvious family, friends, and health. I thought I would be more specific and list the tings that I have experienced this year that make me thankful today, in no particular order. Okay?

1. Thanks to Macy and Scott for allowing me to be part of the birth of their first child. That was one of the greatest experiences I have had thus far in life.

2. Thanks for naps, sometimes they are the difference between a good day and an erase from memory day.

3. Thanks for Stephanie's never-ending willingness to listen, even in the wee hours of the morning on the phone.

4. Thanks to Angela and Chris for sharing their wedding day with me and Hayden. The trip allowed me spend a lot of time with my daughter and friends.

5. Thanks to CryoLife for giving me a raise for no apparent reason.

6. Thanks for the two really laid back and really smart professors I have this semester. They have taught me a lot without causing me much stress.

7. Thanks for the whole experience of getting a Masters degree, I learned so much, particulary about myself and what I was capable of.

8. Thanks to Rachael for her fierce loyalty, dark sense of humor, and complete honesty in all situations.

9. Thanks to Jen, Sherry, Wendy, Nicole, Dawn, and Alesia for the best fucking gift I have ever received - tickets to see U2 on their Vertigo tour.

10. Thanks for indoor plumbing, hot water on demand, a spacious home with intact walls, floors, and ceilings.

11. Thanks that I don't live anywhere near a hurricane's path.

12. Thanks for the internet and its endless information and entertainment.

13. Thanks for lap tops, wireless networks, cell phones, email, mp3 players. and digital cameras.

14. Thanks for Sonya who always brings eastern european chocolates to work.

15. Thanks for Nalgene bottles.

16. Thanks for caller ID.

17. Well damn, thanks for all things technological.

18. Thanks for Costco memberships and the ability to buy things in huge bulk.

19. Thanks for putting me here this time, in the land of plenty.

20. Thanks for Kevin. He gives me what I need.


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