Thursday, October 12, 2006

Louvre Atlanta

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta will have pieces on loan from the Louvre over the next three years. I have not been to the museum in ages and this seems like the perfect time to get a membership and force my kids to see historical art! My older child, who is now almost 11, always enjoyed trips to the High Museum, she even behaved like a civilized human while we were there. The thought of taking the twins to see art from the Louvre gives me the jitters and a nervous feeling in my stomach. While I am sure that I will be able to maintain control of them for the most part, I am skeptical about how much they will dig the whole experience. I can tell you right now that they will love walking (running) up and down the winding ramps that run through the main lobby and go from floor to floor. And of course, a trip to the bathroom will be in order because no new excursion can be complete without visiting the facilites and checking out the flushing power of the toilets.

Either way, I am totally jazzed that all of this famous art is coming to my town.


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