Sunday, June 12, 2005

Where I have been

I have not been feeling the blogging thing lately. I have been feeling sort of bummed out. While my recent graduation with a Master degree gave me great pleasure, the transition from crazy busy, totally mentally stimulated woman to bored housewife has left me feeling distraught. I went from producing quality work, worthy of As to making three meals every day for three children, cleaning up after them, driving them here and there, and trying to entertain them day in and day out. Tristan had a cast on his leg up until Friday. I am hopeful that a lot of my funky feelings have been because we were so very limited in what we could do for entertainment because of the broken baby. I pray that the coming weeks will bring less rain (it has rained for days on end here) and happier dispositions.

On a side note, I have decided to get a certification in Geographic Information Systems. 5 classes, I will be done with them by the end of next summer. This will help me fill the time between now and when the twins begin PreK. I won't really be looking to work normal corporate hours until then anyway as I have decided they are too young to leave in the care of someone else all day, every day. And maybe I will still feel that way in a year, who knows. But in the mean time, I require a plan with goals.

So, certification program will fill my need for a goal and some mental work. I am still working for a professor at the college I just graduated from and will continue to do that through the fall semester. I have nixed the idea of teaching courses in the fall, I think that is a bit much. Instead I will just teach the boys to be as academically gifted as their big sister. And I am learning to meditate. With beads and chants and everything.


At 11:19 PM, Blogger Ociferswife said...

Beads and chants and vodka, right? It works for me.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Mel said...

I've been missing you! I'll be practically in your neighborhood (well, comparatively speaking) in a few weeks . . . I'll wave as the Amtrak travels through Georgia!


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