Friday, February 25, 2005

Since Monday

Last time I wrote was Monday. I can't seem to find the time to blog any coherent thoughts. I shall catch up here, a brief synopsis of the last few days.

Working my ass for Dr. N. He is killing me. I have 3 group projects going on right now, a midterm paper that was just submitted, another paper due in 2 weeks, and about 32 labs to grade for the highschool students I am assistant teaching. Yeah, so there is that.

Hayden's soccer season officially begins Sunday evening, God help me. She still has swim team every Tuesday, cut down from every Tuesday and Thursday because it was just too much for me, and her. We also stopped doing swim meets, at least until the summer. The summer meets were fun, not as crazy as the ones during the regular season.

The twins sleep less and play more. And they talk more now. And they talk to me, and expect me to listen and talk back. There is far too much talking going on this house. And now that they have learned the word "play", everything they play they begin with "Mama, play!". I am growing tired of playing trains and stacking blocks 4 feet high. They also ask to "go" about 4 times a day. They just want out of the house. Hmmmm, sounds familiar, it must be genetic! They will go to the cabinet where their shoes are and bang on the door saying "Shoes! Go! Go!". Today we went to the neighbor's and to the park and fed the geese. I can see I will be spending most of my time outside in the coming months. Perhaps that will keep the inside of the house clean.

What else...well, that is pretty much it I think. I have such a dull life! All work and no play! I did manage to see a few movies over the past week. Constantine and Million Dollar Baby. Constantine was okay, Keanue Reeves is still a pretty mediocre actor. Million Dollar Baby was awesome! Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood were great, and I really liked Morgan Freeman's character too. I am betting that one takes home the Oscar Sunday night.


At 2:00 AM, Blogger Mel said...

I have to agree with you about Million Dollar Baby. I can't wait for the Oscars! (And you thought your life was dull!)

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Brandie said...

Hope you are able to survive until May!! Good luck with all the papers/projects/grading/soccer/swim and of course playing ;-)

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Tina said...

Sometimes blogging and coherent thoughts have very little to do with each other!

Actually you seem to always pull everything together...I'm sure you will...

Good luck!


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