Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bagpipes on the mountain

Today it was 80 degrees here and perfectly sunny. The boys and I went out on an errand running expedition that ended with a trip to this park. We "hiked" around at the top, as much as one can hike with two 3 year olds. They chased butterflies and asked an array of questions about the old cannons there on the mountaintop. Then we heard a strange yet wonderful noise in the distance. "What dat mommy?", they asked me. Well, it sounds like......BAGPIPES! Yes, there was a man walking around atop the mountain, playing the bagpipes. It was a wonderful and unexpected treat. It sounded so cool that I had to call my husband so he could listen via my cell phone. And I would have taken a picture had my camera phone been functioning (see previous post). The twins and I sat on a rock just listening to this guy play as a crowd gathered. It was the coolest thing, and I felt like I was in a David Lynch film.


At 3:51 PM, Blogger Brandie said...

Sounds like a great time for you and the boys! I just love the sound of bagpipes! =)


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