Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Assurance that this baby factory is closed for business.

I saw a mom with 8 kids at Target yesterday. It made my uterus hurt and my ovaries run and hide.

I was standing in line behind her in the customer service area, waiting to return something. Her oldest looked to be maybe 10 or 11 and then the others were all younger than him and she was pregnant. I watched them in awe/fear. I made the assumption that they were homeschoolers, just because our schools are back in session and this was in the middle of the day. Or maybe they were all skipping school. She did a good job maintaining order, she barked out commands like a CTU Field Agent. As she was returing her items, one kid in a stroller freaked out and started screaming and trying to escape. She snapped her fingers and pointed at one of the older boys who immediately went over to attend to his sister. When she finished with her return, she rattled off stroller assignments to the older kids, three strollers! Mom carried a baby in a carrier. She didn't smile, she seemed very, very focused on the tasks at hand. Her kids were all talking to her at once, or ordering each other around. There was a lot of talking. And a lot of people saying, "Mom". I started to feel panic just watching them!

I kept thinking to myself, A) Wow. I could never do that. She must have been trained by the Navy Seals, and B) Why does she let her kids go out in public with their pajamas tucked into cowboy boots? That's just wrong. No matter who you are.


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