Friday, December 15, 2006


Yesterday I ordered an iPod Nano for my daughter for Christmas. I IMed my husband to let him know what I ordered and he said, "I wish you had bought the 8GB one." I called up Apple not 10 minutes after I had ordered it to try and change it to the 8GB one. I was told it was too late, the order was too far in the processing stage to change it. I was pissed.

"What? That is ridiculous." I said to the customer service agent on the phone (who by the way spoke perfect English). "I just ordered it 10 minutes ago, how is that possible?"

I got angry, I yelled a little, she asked someone else if it could be changed, and I was told no again. I tried to argue that I would be giving them MORE money, that this change was an upgrade. Still, the answer was no. I slammed the phone down, I was off-the-hook pissed. I mean seriously, what the fuck?

I got home, did the evening thing, checked my email around 8pm and there was an email from Apple. The iPod had already shipped. For real. The damn thing had already been engraved and shipped, in 10 hours. Apparently they have quite the operation going on over there at Apple. I had imagined little elves slaving away at workbenches, engraving iPods.

So, now my attitude has changed. Instead of being pissed off at Apple, I embrace them. If their order processing operation is that fucking efficient, their computers must be the bomb. I'm totally sold, I need an iMac.

I bet Jack Bauer has an iMac.


At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still in mourning over my old Mac. seriously, it was an awesome computer. But dh said we needed to go to the other side for one reason or another. At least we now have Ipods.


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