Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Idol

I recorded American Idol last night because I heard Bono would be on it. I didn't realize that it was a 2 hour show last night. And of course, I had to skim through the entire show to get to Bono, at the end. And his appearance was so brief, just talking, no performance.

American Idol sucks. Big time. Why do people like this show? All of the contestants sound like they came from the same singer-mill. They all suck in an equally generic kind of way. Well, there is one woman on there, Melinda, who actually sounds pretty good. She has a gospel kind of voice, which I really dig, but I imagine if she should win they will turn her into yet another cookie cutter performer. Blech.

While I appreciate the effort American Idol made to raise money for the needy, the large cheese factor really did turn me off. The host was cheesy, the judges are cheesy, and Madonna's little bit about Malawi....what's her deal? She wasn't very inspiring at all. The highlight of the show was the part where they showed all those celebrities lip synching to 'Stayin' Alive' by the Bee Gees. That was pretty funny.

American Idol sucks. The whole premise of trying to find an "American Idol" is fucked up anyway. Do we really need a generated idol up in here?

Lost was pretty good though. It would have been better if Kevin had been home and watching with me. He got bumped from his flight last night so he's on standby right now, waiting to get out of Chicago.


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