Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy graduation and birthday to me.

I bought this yesterday:

My birthday is May 6 (I'll be 34) and since I know myself very well and I am a good judge of electronics, doing lots of research before purchasing, and my beloved husband is really busy with work and doesn't need any distractions, and the weather was beautiful yesterday and the kids were well-behaved and I am going to graduate next week with my third degree, and all the experts say you must show some love to yourself every once in awhile.....I bought myself a new 22 inch LCD monitor. With an iPod dock. That guy on the monitor, he didn't come with it. He's just an image used for advertising, in case you were wondering. I have my very own hot, scruffy guy with a beard anyway.

I stayed up too late last night getting it all hooked up. I got a little sad when I realized that my iPod got left in the Jeep, which is parked at the airport because Kevin went to Chicago. But it was still lovely to just stare at the beautiful, sharp, HUGE images on the new monitor. You could say I have become spoiled by the 24 inch monitor I have at work, and you would be right. But I will also be working on some map stuff at home so I can finish by my deadline, so buying this big monitor was really quite necessary don't you see. And Hayden was thrilled to discover she will get my 17 inch LCD monitor for her room because Hello, CRT monitors are practically antiques - duh Mom!


At 11:57 PM, Blogger Brandie said...

Happy early birthday! Enjoy your new toy =)


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