Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Food spending, revisited.

Well, we've done so much better at not eating out in the last week! I'm impressed with my constraint. No Starbucks or Bruster's! Kevin and I did go to a music festival type of concert on Saturday and spent quite a bit of money. I mean, seriously, $10 for a 24oz beer? What the fuck is that? $6 for a salty pretzel and $8 for a small personal cheese pizza. Good Lord! But what can you do? I mean, the beer, you must have that right?

Anyway, other than that, not a whole lot of eating out. Well, wait a minute, I did drop a large sum of money at Macaroni Grill last Friday when I took the preschool teachers and directors from the boys' school out as a gift from us. Those teachers, they like the wine and really who can blame them?

I joined a group of people at work for a weight loss contest. I joined because they needed one more person for our department and I am highly competitive. Yeah, I don't need to lose much weight but I could certainly spare 10 or 15 pounds! So, I've eating really well (aside from that pizza and beer at the concert) and I ran (well, mostly) 2 miles last night. I'm in this for the big prize!


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