Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Fray

I got to shoot at The Fray concert last night at the Hi-Fi Buys amphitheater in Atlanta. This was the first time at a large venue with a well-known band. There were three bands - Eisley, Gomez and The Fray. All of them had the 3 song rule - you can shoot for the first 3 songs and then you have to leave the press pit and leave your camera there. What? Leave my camera? I was concerned about it until I saw the very large security guards who were manning the gate. I put my camera bag right up behind him on the edge of the stage and he promised me he would love that camera as if it were his own. And he even gave me a bottle of water for free, which was most excellent because water was $4 per bottle! Ack!

The bands were great and it was a very pleasant experience. The girls who had to meet us and walk us in from the backstage area were really nice and friendly, the security guys were all very nice. I Had a rather long conversation with one of them about growing up in the south, divorce, kids and working for the government. These few times I have been taking pictures at concerts have given me a whole new outlook on those menacing guys. So far they have all been nothing but nice, helpful gentlemen. And the care they take removing the tiny girls getting squished in the pit is heartwarming.


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