Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Transmission woes

Our 1999 Suburban needs a new transmission. Mother fucker. We had the stupid thing rebuilt a couple of years ago and here we are again. I hate that car with a passion and I'll never own another Chevy (Corvette being the exception) as long as I live. But alas, this car is paid for and we have no car payments so it only makes sense to pay for the $2400 repair and move on. Damn it. That just puts more distance between me and a new camera. Fucking car. I hate you.


At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Angela said...

I feel your pain. Our station wagon was 9 years old when it had transmission trouble causing us to get the MINI despite taking on the car payments. In our situation, we just felt a transmission rebuild just wasn't worth pouring into the car at that age. Especially since no one could fix the fact that our tires kept losing air no matter how many times we replaced them. And the fact that Chris loathed the car with a firey passion.


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