Sunday, October 21, 2007

Night and day

Saturday night we put our kids to be completely exasperated with all three of them. They make lots of noise, they argue with each other, they block us out when we give them instructions, they dawdle around at the worst possible times, they forget the books they need for weekend homework, etc. and so on. I told my husband Saturday night that I didn't want to be a parent anymore, I was all done. He just laughed at me and said "Me too".

Sunday morning the kids were different. All of them. The little ones slept late and then once they got up, they simply crawled into bed with us and turned the TV on. They didn't whine about being hungry or argue with each other over who got the green and blue pillow. They played nicely all morning long...drawing, Play Doh, trains, Leapster games, in the sandbox, riding bikes. The big one spent most of the day reading a book for a book report and then played with friends. I took the little ones out in the evening. We went to two different parks and walked in the woods and played on the play sets. They didn't argue at all over whose turn it was on the swing or who got the red cup at snack time. They cleaned up their toys and went to bed without incident. Tonight I told my husband that I adored being a parent and maybe he should not have had that vasectomy.


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