Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I went on my annual fall shoe shopping binge at Zappos.com. I came away with these:

These are Uggs and let me just say...LOVE THEM. No socks required which is great for me because I can throw them on when I need to just run out and I don't have to go back upstairs yet again to fetch socks.

These cowgirl boots are awesome. They are so comfortable and required no breaking in at all and they are just flat out cute. Rocket Dog represents!

Blue suede boots. What's not to love about that?

Comfy boots, again did not require any breaking in.

Impulse buy. Fun sneakers but certainly not for running 5Ks or anything. Rocket Dog again.

Dude, pink plaid Mary Jane's. How could I not get these? Awesome. I love Rocket Dog shoes.

Finally, the boots that Hayden stole. Technically they are mine but I went ahead and relinquished control over them. They look really great on her and she can pull off these boots with skirts better than me. And, Rocket Dog....again. I think I have about ten pairs of Rocket Dog shoes now.


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