Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday

Jonas and Tristan turned 5 yesterday. It's weird how it feels like the first 2 years went on forever and ever Amen, but the next 3 years zipped by. In a flash here they are all five years old and going to Kindergarten on the bus. They are going through this board game phase now, just like Hayden did when she was 5. Their personalities have developed and we see that they are so unique and individual and not really a package after all. We did dinner and cake and pinata last Saturday with the grandparents. Last night we went out for a hibachi and sushi dinner with their buddy and his mom (neighbors) and this weekend we are going to Blue Ridge, GA for a train ride on an actual train and maybe some apple picking in an orchard there. They boys are looking forward to going on vacation with their friend (same neighbors) and staying in a hotel room. I love five years old. If I could have kids that started out at this age then I would have a dozen. Everything from here on out is total fun and excitement.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger B said...

Happy Birthday to them! =)


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