Monday, March 21, 2005

Tantrums and River Dancing

This weekend at work, I threw a tantrum. We started doing a validation study of a process called Synergraft and it just sucked. I will spare you the boring details, but suffice it to say that I am adding Synergraft processing to my list of "Hell on Earth for Smoov". So, I developed this major headache while I was working on this study, but the show had to go on, because all of it is time-sensitive. So there I was, scrubbed in, gowned, gloved, the works, and suffering from a fucking brain hemorrhage at the same time. Once it was over I rushed out of the clean room and into the area where our desks are. I threw all of the charts I had in my hand on my desk and because all the paperwork came flying out, I got pissed off and threw my safety goggles too. Then I stormed off to the cafeteria in search of hot coffee and heroin. Yes, I know, I was acting like a spoiled child, so what of it?

But luckily I had the memory of the previous day to make me laugh, once again. The day before one of my co-workers had promised to demonstrate the River Dance, which apparently she had been schooled in for 4 years in her youth. She said she would show just us, meaning the four of us on her shift. So we got all of our work done and waited for the day shift employees to get busy with their own work and disappear into the clean rooms. We lined up our chairs and watched with anticipation, because it ain't every day that you get your own River Dance performance. She kicked off her shoes and went to it, only after checking to see that no one else was watching. In the middle of her dance, as she turned to dance back the other way, she noticed that there were two guys from the day shift peering out of one of the clean room windows, watching. Of course those of us in the audience had already noticed them standing there, but we couldn't just interrupt the River Dance to tell her now could we? So...she turned to dance back and saw them, and out came the loudest, most horrified scream my ears have heard in years. She ran across the room and smashed her body flat against the wall, out of the view of the two guys. She turned 18,000 shades of red and said in a distressed voice, "I have to go home RIGHT NOW!" and off she ran. The four of us sat there laughing until our sides hurt. And I was kicking myself in the ass for not having my camera with me.

And now she is known as Dancing Queen or just River Dance =)


At 12:40 AM, Blogger Mel said...

That made me laugh out loud! (Love your new blog banner, by the way.)


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