Friday, December 07, 2007

12 years

Today, 12 years ago, Hayden was born. My life changed that day, for the better and the way I looked at the world suddenly changed. Today Hayden is 12 and I can sometimes still see the little girl in her. She'll hug me and sigh and say 'I love you Mama'. Or she'll imitate me in the way she talks or the things she's interested in. Lately she's been very interested in photography and has been using Photoshop to tweak some of her own photos. She still likes for us to tuck her in at night, although that really consists of us sitting on the side of her bed and chatting for a minute and then kissing her goodnight. For her gift she asked that I take her to a salon for a perm. She's got stick-straight hair just like mine and of course wants to have curly hair. She's very into clothes and loves to go to the mall and shop. She's becoming the very typical pre-teen girl! While she's had some struggles with organization at school this year, she continues to be one of the brightest and creative students in her classes. Always thinking outside of the box and more often than not, turned off by the traditional way of going about things. She's got one hell of a temper (I wonder where she gets that from?) and she's passionate about the things she's into, sometimes to the point of high drama. Tonight we'll go out to eat, just our family and my mom. Tomorrow night she's having her party and has invited 7 friends over for skating, laser tag and a sleepover. We'll eat lots of junk food and the girls will stay up all night and I'll take loads of pictures for sure. Next year is 13 and I am thinking of some sort of really special-big-deal party to celebrate her first year as a 'teen'. For now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, feisty, witty, smart-as-hell first born precious baby. I love you so much big girl, that it hurts sometimes!


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Anandi said...

Happy Birthday to Hayden! What a gorgeous picture, and a lovely post. I think it's cool that she plays laser tag for her birthday :)

At 10:02 PM, Blogger Steph said...

I think you should re-read this post every time you get frustrated with Hayden and want to pull your hair out. She's such a beautiful, sweet, smart girl. She's lukcy to have you for a mom! I know you guys have many great years ahead of you when you will be there to give her all the encouragement and support that she needs.


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