Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No training wheels

Monday as I lay in bed dying, my husband took Tristan out to the park and taught him to ride his bike without training wheels. Jonas had stayed behind and slept. I was so surprised because Tristan has always been so cautious and reserved, he waits for his brother to try it first and then if Jonas lives, maybe he'll try it too.

I heard the front door being flung open with fervor and then heard his little voice yelling, "Mom! Mom! Mom! I rode my bike without the training wheels!!!!" I have not heard such pride in his voice ever that I can recall. It was such a great sound that I wish I would bottle it up and release it on those days when I want to run myself through. His joy was so uplifting, it made me so happy. But, I threw up again anyway.

So, yesterday we all went to the park so Jonas could have a go. Tristan was riding like a semi-pro, he needs to get the hang of those brakes or I'll be spending the tax return on new Vans all fucking year long. Jonas was a bit wobbly but he got it moving for short stretches. Tonight I expect to see him zooming around as well. I got some video footage last night on Hayden's tiny new video camera (this damn thing is way cool AND it's pink, I might have to get me one!) and I'll try to get some uploaded tonight.

Kevin's such an awesome dad like that. He has now taught all of our kids to ride their bikes and so far no one has broken anything! A very different story of my own childhood bike riding. I was taught by my older brother who didn't really give a shit about me but was after the new bike he was promised if he taught me to ride mine. I can vividly remember riding up and down our dirt driveway at about 5 years old. He did it, he taught me to ride it and without imparting any safety knowledge to me whatsoever! Good job Ray! I had to learn about the brakes the hard way, by smashing into my father's huge, red work truck. But damn I was one hell of a daredevil on my red Huffy! I would jump anything, any time. That explains my seven broken arm/hand injuries over the years.

Now that they can ride with no training wheels the world becomes a much faster place. Last night they didn't have their helmets on but they'll have to wear them in the future. I can't risk those adorable little boy faces to road rash or broken bones! We've passed yet another childhood milestone with our last kids, our last babies. Sad? Oh hell no, I love this. I love watching them grow up and learn and become whomever they are going to become. It's the best entertainment out there honestly. Oh sure, they were all such cute babies, they all smelled all sweet and yummy and they were all such fun to cuddle. But baby schmaby! I dig these kids. Not all kids, in fact generally other kids annoy me. But these kids I like. And I like them more with each passing birthday, not because they are getting closer to leaving the nest (well, maybe a little) but because every year I get to see more of who they really are, I get to witness their evolution. I have a hand in that, but I am trying really hard to leave the evolution to them so that they can find their own path in the world. And I hope and pray that path always has a short-cut trail to home.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Mel said...

What a lovely post. Congratulations to your boys . . . I have yet to teach Grace that skill.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Steph said...

i loved this entry. i'm glad you wrote again. i was missing your writing. guess this means i should keep a blog of my own. but this is so awesome about the boys and about watching them become who they will become. you may not always think it about yourself, but i think you're a great parent (and of course kevin too)


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