Tuesday, May 17, 2005


This is me handing my Masters hood to my favorite professor who put it on me

This is me walking back to my seat.

Most of the other pictures from the ceremony were blurry, and of course no one thought to take pictures of me at the graduation ceremony two days later. I think when I get my PhD I will hire a professional photographer to just follow me around for the whole day.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Short Stories

So I have these friends here with me this weekend, Dawn and Alesia. They came from Jersey and Michigan to see me and hang with me at my graduation party.

I have stories. I love having stories. I have this running list of story titles that remind me of this weekend:
The Copeland's Log
Broken Baby
Maker's Mark + Wine + Beer = Jacked up Skid
The Pornographic Elf
Levitational Gas and its uses
New Choo Choo
I heard that through the wall!

Monday, May 09, 2005

It's done

I did it. I finished. I made it to the end of the Master program in Information Systems. I wrote tons and tons of research papers and I spent hours and hours and hours in front of a computer. I drank more than my fair share of coffee and I lost a lot of sleep, which can be plainly seen in my face. I gave lots and lots of presentations, and now speaking in front of a group of people does not even make me bat an eye. The books I read were long and complex, the programs I wrote were difficult and tedious at times. The people I met were a mixture of highly intelligent, driven, slack, disorganized, wonderful, boring people. The professors I had all taught me something, although it wasn't always about the material I was suppose to learn. I learned a lot about what I am made of and about the things I can endure. I learned a lot about what my husband is made of too, and I have realized what a blessing he is to me. I felt 50 pounds lighter when I left class Saturday, my last day. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt so free. Another huge accomplishment done. I totally get off on setting goals and reaching them, what a freakin' rush!

I walk Thursday, May 12th. I graduate with honors, because somehow, despite all of the things that worked against me, there were enough forces working with me. I have made straight As for the past year, I did make two Bs early in the program, but learned from those courses and I did much better the rest of the time. I have to admit it, I am proud of myself. Now.....what next?