Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Question girl revisited

Before I talked about this girl in two of my classes this semester. She asks a lot of questions. And I hate it. But, I shouldn't be so mean. Some people have to ask a lot of questions, right? If they don't get something, even if everyone else in the room does, they need to ask, right?

I had a very surprising conversation with the admissions director of a local private Christian school Monday morning. I cried, she talked to me about God and how He had brought me there, and I cried some more. Not the bad cry, the good cry. It was totally unexpected. I went there to have a tour of the school, we are thinking of sending our kids there. She asked me if I had any questions or pressing concerns. And I unloaded. I asked questions....why why why and what if, but what about, then there is this....kind of stuff. And she just answered them with a gentle smile. I was her Question Girl. And I wondered, was she thinking in the back of her mind what a fucking moron I was? I mean, thousands of people get this God stuff, it is all spelled out right in the Bible afterall. All I have to do is follow the instructions.

So, I tried to be extra helpful to Question Girl last night in class, especially since I could see the professor was getting frustrated with her. Question Girl still annoys me to no end, but I really did try hard to be nice and share my knowledge with her.

It's a step right?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Every seven minutes

I think about riding a motorcycle every seven minutes. My friend who rides says to me in an email this morning, "Oh, seven minutes? I see the real addiction hasn't taken hold yet. Brace yourself."

I need a bike. In a bad way.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A done deal

We did it. We passed our motorcyle tests, the written and practical. Kevin did 5 points better than me on the practical, I really suck at doing figure eights in a tiny box! Both of us got 100% on the written part, without cheating.

We had so much fun, I can't even begin to share it! I was sad that there was no way for me to take pictures of the experience, but clearly my hands were busy. I can't wait to get my paperwork in the mail so I can rush to the DMV to get the little "M" put on my license. And then getting a bike.....ahhh what a sweet day that will be! I'm almost there.

Here is the bike we rode during the course:

A small Honda Nighthawk. It weighed a mere 286 pounds. It was a fun bike to learn on. When I got on mine Saturday morning, it had .9 miles on it. We got brand new bikes that had not been riden before. When I turned it in Sunday evening, it had 17.9 miles on it. My first 17 miles of riding. Oh happy day!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Let sleeping dogs sleep

Question Girl

She is in both of my classes this semester. My friend from last semester and I have named her Question Girl. She is that student who sits right in the front, right under the instructor and asks a question every 45 seconds. Then when we are on our own working on lab assignments (this is a course that is all about using a mapping software program) she asks her questions out loud, the anyone. And people answer her so she will shut the fuck up. Our class is a computer lab and the workstations are in three rows with an aisle up the middle. The rows are tiered so that each rox has good visibility to the front of the room. Question girl sits right in front of my in one class and I get the extra pleasure of seeing her plumber's crack and fat rolls that are squeezed out by her bra that is too small and her jeans that are too low and too small.

I make every effort to hide behind my large flat screen monitor in class and work on my stuff as if I don't know what is going on and would be of no help to anyone. Question Girl overheard me talking to my friend who sits next to me, I was telling him about how I almost ended up teaching one of the courses he is taking this semester and how funny that would have been. She whipped around...."You teach here?" I explained that I had not as of yet, but hope to in the near future. She then questioned me about my background, wondering how it was I was qualified to teach at the university. I tried to dodge the question, but I ended up mentioning that I had my master's degree from the computer science department. And then it started....

She turned around and asked me question after question after question about the lab we were suppose to be doing. It was a very easy lab, normally the first ones are. This dip-shit couldn't even open the file she was suppose to use for the lab. Now I understand that some people don't have a lot of computer skills, and that is fine. But this is an upper-level course, she should know how to open a file by now.

I answered her questions concisely and tried not to lead her to believe I was friendly in the hope that she would think I was a total bitch and not talk to me anymore. In my head I was thinking..."Shut the fuck up for the love of God. Read the fucking instructions before you ask me how to do it. Read your textbook dumbass, the information is there. And if you don't know what Google is by now, I can't help you. Your dumb ass is lost to the GIS world."

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A favorite picture

This was taken using the self-timer option on my camera. I absoultely love this picture and will frame it and hang it up!


I am changing how I share my pictures. I think I love Flickr.

Smoov's pictures