Friday, February 25, 2005

Since Monday

Last time I wrote was Monday. I can't seem to find the time to blog any coherent thoughts. I shall catch up here, a brief synopsis of the last few days.

Working my ass for Dr. N. He is killing me. I have 3 group projects going on right now, a midterm paper that was just submitted, another paper due in 2 weeks, and about 32 labs to grade for the highschool students I am assistant teaching. Yeah, so there is that.

Hayden's soccer season officially begins Sunday evening, God help me. She still has swim team every Tuesday, cut down from every Tuesday and Thursday because it was just too much for me, and her. We also stopped doing swim meets, at least until the summer. The summer meets were fun, not as crazy as the ones during the regular season.

The twins sleep less and play more. And they talk more now. And they talk to me, and expect me to listen and talk back. There is far too much talking going on this house. And now that they have learned the word "play", everything they play they begin with "Mama, play!". I am growing tired of playing trains and stacking blocks 4 feet high. They also ask to "go" about 4 times a day. They just want out of the house. Hmmmm, sounds familiar, it must be genetic! They will go to the cabinet where their shoes are and bang on the door saying "Shoes! Go! Go!". Today we went to the neighbor's and to the park and fed the geese. I can see I will be spending most of my time outside in the coming months. Perhaps that will keep the inside of the house clean.

What else...well, that is pretty much it I think. I have such a dull life! All work and no play! I did manage to see a few movies over the past week. Constantine and Million Dollar Baby. Constantine was okay, Keanue Reeves is still a pretty mediocre actor. Million Dollar Baby was awesome! Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood were great, and I really liked Morgan Freeman's character too. I am betting that one takes home the Oscar Sunday night.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Sounds of restrictor plate racing

Ahh, they are back for the season! NASCAR is back on again. The sound of restrictor plate racing filled my house Sunday afternoon. The very important Daytona 500 was on....three TVs to be exact. My husband has been a NASCAR junkie for years, but not when I met him. Somehow I thought that I had found a guy who would not spend weekends glued to the TV watching sports, and for the most part, I did. But then he began to form a relationship with my dad, who is a long time NASCAR fan. I grew up listening to the stock car engines, on the radio in dad's truck and on the TV. I used to know all the drivers and their numbers and their sponsors. And then as I grew up, I lost interest in NASCAR.

But Mr. Smoov began to enjoy it. And now, he is a true fan. How in the hell did my father manage to influence my Italian/German boyfriend from New York? My boyfriend, who played in a rock and roll band when I met him. Now he drinks beer brewed in the U.S. and watches NASCAR, he even has a Dale Jr. plate on my Jeep, which he drives to work every day! I can't fucking believe there is a Dale Jr. plate on my Jeep. I guess it could be could be Jeff Gordon!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Boys who don't cling

Thank the Lord for boys who don't cling to me. Toddlers who are self-confident and are willing to try out new things and new people. I left my boys with a neighbor this morning for one hour while I ran an errand. They did not even look back over their shoulders as they ran into her playroom yelling "Bye Mama, bye Mama!"

I done good. For clingy children would surely be the end to me.

A new baby is coming

My best friend is expecting her first baby. She had an ultrasound today and all looks great. I am so excited, I feel like my own sister is having a baby! I can't wait to throw a shower for her and be there to talk her through all the scary shit that happens when you are a first time mommy. I wish I could win the lottery right now and totally set them up for life. She told me last night at dinner that she wants me to be in the delivery room with her. I wanted to cry. What an honor.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Getting Negashed

The class I have on Monday evenings is killing me slowly. It is called "Corporate Strategic Information Management" and basically is a case study course. We are to read all these cases of businesses and the different things they did to change their business and then apply these crazy frameworks to them. We have to analyze what each company did and then discuss how it all fits into one or two of the frameworks. And then we have to give presentations to the class and the professor about why we think what we do. It is very, very time consumming and it makes you think. A lot. And I was not prepared to have to actually do a lot of work for this class. I had heard it was an easy course, a nice one to finish your program with. But then they switched professors. This guy is going to make sure we know our shit, come hell or high water. I finally feel like I am in a graduate class, after all this time.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sad Africa

I have been reading a lot of news lately about the stuff going in the Sudan. Bad stuff. Women and girls being raped by militiamen. Then they end of having babies that are the product of these rapes. And in their culture, women who are raped are blamed for it and often cast off by their husbands.

What a fucked up world we live in. So much really, really bad stuff and so much really, really great stuff.

I feel so sheltered, so protected and safe here in my suburban bubble where my children grow up healthy, well-fed and educated, with lots of toys and lots of friends to play with. And there are so many children who get dealt a fucked up hand. Why?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Full speed ahead

And now I am on the treadmill that is grad school. So fucking busy!

Saturday, Exam
Monday, two presentations to give
Wednesday, rough draft of paper due
Saturday, SQL assignments and quiz
all week, grading papers and labs

I can't find the time to write witty blog entries. I hardly have time to breathe. Help help help!!!!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Technical difficulty

I had a moron moment and deleted my whole blog. I have to start over. Sigh.