Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday

Jonas and Tristan turned 5 yesterday. It's weird how it feels like the first 2 years went on forever and ever Amen, but the next 3 years zipped by. In a flash here they are all five years old and going to Kindergarten on the bus. They are going through this board game phase now, just like Hayden did when she was 5. Their personalities have developed and we see that they are so unique and individual and not really a package after all. We did dinner and cake and pinata last Saturday with the grandparents. Last night we went out for a hibachi and sushi dinner with their buddy and his mom (neighbors) and this weekend we are going to Blue Ridge, GA for a train ride on an actual train and maybe some apple picking in an orchard there. They boys are looking forward to going on vacation with their friend (same neighbors) and staying in a hotel room. I love five years old. If I could have kids that started out at this age then I would have a dozen. Everything from here on out is total fun and excitement.

Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day of School

The boys were totally excited and cute with their new backpacks, etc. We dropped Tristan at his class first and Jonas hugged him bye and then off we went to his class. Both of them sat right down and got started with a picture they had on their desks. They seem so much older now!

I didn't cry at all, I used the camera as a distraction and took pictures. Wishing I had taken the day off from work so I could be home having a mimosa and watching a movie, but unfortunately I have to work.

On a side note, everyone on the road is an asshole. No one wants to let anyone merge because God, it might delay them 3 seconds. People talk on their cell phones and honk their horns at you and when you pull up next to them at a light and roll your window down to inquire just what the fuck the honking was about, they go all passive-agressive and pretend they are so busy with their phone call that they can't see you. Bitches. The traffic this morning was INSANE but damn, we're all in this together ya know? Why can't people just be a little nice sometimes? Nice goes a long way.....

Speaking of nice, I totally bought this old man's groceries Saturday because he didn't have enough money and he couldn't figure out the ATM machine and left his check book at home. He was so distressed over not having enough cash it made me sad. And he reminded me of my grandfather, so I bought his stuff. It was only $12, so no big deal, but he made me feel good because he gave me a hug and walked me to my car. Nice goes a looooong way =)

Monday, August 06, 2007


Good things, all weekend. Despite drinking too much for 4 days and never sleeping more than 4 hours a night, it was great. Spent it with friends, just being friends. No responsibilities other than filling my belly with food and my liver with booze. We canoed, we laughed a lot, we vented to each other, we played LCR, we did cartwheels. And then I got home and went to a concert. John Mayer and Ben Folds. They rocked the house, for real. Pictures here.

Oh yeah, and the whore of a washing machine is working now.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kenmore He2plus

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. And fuck Sears too. Never again you facist motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!