Friday, December 22, 2006

Crack is whack

I have been out almost every night this week. Monday night it was The Killers concert, then Wednesday night it was dinner with friends, Thursday night dinner with friends again. I have been getting up at 5:30am every day and going to work. This morning, as I peeled myself out of bed one more time, I was dragging. I have consumed more wine and beer this week than I would in a month normally and stayed up far too late for too many days in a row.

So, on the way to work I had a Red Bull. And then a giant cup of strong coffee at work. Now I feel like I am on crack. I think they actually put crack in Red Bull.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You complete me.

I heart you.

Friday, December 15, 2006


A woman on a message board posted this in response to me asking her what she loved so much about Disney World:

And frankly-you don't get the riff raff at Disney like you do in regular coaster parks. I just really appreciate that. Maybe the riff raff is thinned out due to the cost of things.

Seriously. What the fuck? What a stupid, elitist thing to say. And then she went on to site the fact that you can get spa treatments from Goofy there as another pro to vacationing at Disney. Yeah, cause that is right on the top of my list of things to do in life.....get spa treatment from Goofy, get it on with Mickey......


Yesterday I ordered an iPod Nano for my daughter for Christmas. I IMed my husband to let him know what I ordered and he said, "I wish you had bought the 8GB one." I called up Apple not 10 minutes after I had ordered it to try and change it to the 8GB one. I was told it was too late, the order was too far in the processing stage to change it. I was pissed.

"What? That is ridiculous." I said to the customer service agent on the phone (who by the way spoke perfect English). "I just ordered it 10 minutes ago, how is that possible?"

I got angry, I yelled a little, she asked someone else if it could be changed, and I was told no again. I tried to argue that I would be giving them MORE money, that this change was an upgrade. Still, the answer was no. I slammed the phone down, I was off-the-hook pissed. I mean seriously, what the fuck?

I got home, did the evening thing, checked my email around 8pm and there was an email from Apple. The iPod had already shipped. For real. The damn thing had already been engraved and shipped, in 10 hours. Apparently they have quite the operation going on over there at Apple. I had imagined little elves slaving away at workbenches, engraving iPods.

So, now my attitude has changed. Instead of being pissed off at Apple, I embrace them. If their order processing operation is that fucking efficient, their computers must be the bomb. I'm totally sold, I need an iMac.

I bet Jack Bauer has an iMac.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I haven't had much to write about lately. I was very busy up until last night, with school. Now that is all done. And I am newly obsessed with the show "24" so I am watching all the old seasons while waiting for the new season to begin next month. All that with the grueling task of Christmas shopping, or for that matter, thinking about Christmas shopping, hasn't left me much time to string together noteworthy thoughts.

Oh and the fact that now all three of my children are way into computers, either playing games or emailing friends, etc. that I don't get much of a chance on the machines at home! We have three computers at home, so that works out great for the kids. One for each of them. But obviously we need to buy two more, because there is nothing like technological excess.